Mosaic Health works through a unique channel partner program that empowers agencies with leading edge digital advertising targeting and media to set themselves apart from the competition and provide their clients with the capabilities they need to succeed in today’s online marketplace.

Agencies - We function as a seamless partner and can work through a private label or separately branded offering. Our digital tools can be fully integrated with all agency media channels including television, direct mail, radio and print to offer clients a complete solution.

Data Owners – Mosaic Health works with owners of off-line data (including subscriber, customer and prospect lists) to increase the value of their assets by bringing them online and enabling their use for both in-house and third party advertising campaigns.  All data analysis and implementation services are fully HIPAA and Privacy compliant.

Direct Marketing Companies  - Mosaic Health has developed a unique solution for Health Care and Pharmaceutical clients that converts traditional marketing techniques to the web. We start with offline prospect and customer databases and, using our proprietary technology, find the same direct mail audiences on the web to target display and video ads directly to their computers or mobile devices. The result is precision level “digital direct marketing” campaigns that maximize ROI like never before. 

Media Organizations and Publishers – Mosaic Health data targeting capabilities and turn-key technology solutions allow media organizations to unlock incremental value from their online audiences through innovative offerings to their advertisers.  Mosaic Health publishing partners use the Company’s platform to increase their available inventory and reach, and to create high value (and high CPM) audience segments out of otherwise commoditized run-of-site inventory.

Mosaic Health is committed to helping its partners become the smartest people in the room with respect to online advertising and new media. Our partner compensation program is designed to encourage a lasting partnership, providing a flexible, turnkey online advertising service offering for your clients, and building additional revenue streams for your agency. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.